Born: 1974 in Tübingen. 1993-99 Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. 1995-97 Assistant to Prof. dr. Grasskamp, ​​Department of Art History. 1997-2005 Studies of Film Directing at the University of Television and Film, Munich. 1998 Co-Founder of the film magazine „Revolver“ together with Christoph Hochhäusler and Sebastian Kutzli, since then co-publisher and editor. 1999 Diploma in Free Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts. 2005 Diploma in Film Directing at the University of Television and Film, Munich. Since 1999 freelance director, author and visual artist. Since 2010 various teaching activities at film schools in Berlin, Potsdam, Munich, Vienna and Zürich. Since 2015 in the presidium of the German Protestant Kirchentag. 2023 spring semester interim professorship for film directing at the ZHDK (for Prof. Sabine Boss)

Participation and awards at numerous film festivals and exhibitions, including Berlinale Competition & Panorama Special, Cannes Film Festival, Official Selection “Un Certain Regard”.
The novel „Lukusch“ (C.H.BECK) was released in September 2022. In addition to working on full-length feature films and screenplays, more than 40 short feature films and art videos were made (see below). Feature films as a director and author (selection): Milchwald (co-book), Sleeper, The Robber, Superego and You. In development: Vor dem Fest (series, ARTE, Schramm Film), Der Prank (Scout), Liebesgeister (Made in Germany).

Awards (selection): Austrian Film Prize in the categories: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Sound Design; Bavarian Film Prize, Best Young Director; FIRST STEPS AWARD (Full-length feature film); Max Ophüls Prize for Best Feature Film & Max Ophüls Prize SR/ZDF Screenplay Prize; Prix ​​Special du Jury, Premier Plans Festival D’Anger; Brix des Bloggers, Paris Intl. film festival; Best Movie, Dublin Intl. film festival; Best Film, Main Prize at the Schwerin Film Festival; Best Film, Film Festival Intl. du Cinema, Geneve; Best European Short Film, Premier Plans Festival D’Anger, Starter Film Award Munich.

Filmography (full list):

1995 „Es zogen einst …“ (animated film, beta, b / w, 5 min)
1996 „Terremoto“, (Short Fiction, 16mm, b / w, 11 min)
1997 „Hastewas Bistewas“ (video, 3 min, color, beta SP)
1998 „Quiet Again…“ / „Alles wieder still…“ (short film, 16mm, b / w, 14 min)
2000 „The Bomb King“ / „Der Bombenkönig“  (Video, Digibeta, color, 20 min)
2000-2003 „Milchwald“ (feature film screenplay, together with Christoph Hochhäusler)
2001 „Am See“ (feature film, 16 mm, color, 45 min)
„365 birthdays“ / „365 Geburtstage“ (long-term documentation, Digibeta)
2004 „The opportunity“ / „Die Gelegenheit“ (short film, 35mm color, 21 min)
„Meier, Müller, Schmidt I“ (Video, DV color, 2 min)
„Meier, Müller, Schmidt II“ (video, DV color, 5 min)
2005 „Sleeper“/“Schläfer“ (feature film, 35mm color, 100 min)
„Meier, Müller, Schmidt III“ (video, DV color, 4 min)
„La Paz“ (video, DV color, 20 min)
„Meier, Müller, Schmidt IV“ (video, DV color, 3 min)
2007 „On Fiction“, (Video, Super8 / DV, Color, 3 min)
„On Manipulation“, (Video, Super8 / DV, Color, 3 min)
„On Romance“ (Video, Super8 / DV, Color, 3 min)
2010 „The Robber“/“Der Räuber“ (feature film, 35 mm, color, 98 min)
2011 „Er“ (video, 4 min, color, HD, together with Clemens Krauss)
„Airborne“ AT (video, 6 min, color, HD)
„Noricum“ (feature film script), Novotny & Novotny
2014 „Über-Ich und Du“ („Superegos“, feature film 90 min, 2k)
2015 „Das Unsichtbare Dritte“ (Video, 4 min, HD)
„Waterfall“ (video, 5 min, HD)
„War of the Worlds“ (Video, 18 min, HD)
„Opfer“ (Video, 7 min HD)
„Mon Oncle“ (Video, 3 min, HD)
2016/2017 „Display“, (Video, 5 min, HD)
„Window“/“Fenster“ (Video 3 min, HD)
„Karate Do“ (Doc 120 min HD)
2018 „Dial M for Me“ (Video, 8 min, HD)
„S8 On Faith“ (Video 4 min, HD)
2019 „Tracing O“, (Video, 11min, HD)
„Birds Clone Stamp“ (Video, 3 min, 4K)
2021 „But not us“ (Video 2 min, HD)
„One“ (Video 1’10“ min, HD)
2022 „Lukusch“ (Video, 7 min, HD)
2023 „ER SO SIE SO“ (short film, 22 min, 2K)


Diploma in Free Sculpture, the Academy of Fine Arts, Debutant Award
Leonard and Ida Wolf Memorial Prize of the City of Munich

Award for Fine Arts of the City of Munich

„The opportunity“ short film:
Grand Prix du Jury, Festival Premier Plans, Anger, France
Starter Film Award of the City of Munich

„Sleeper“ movie:
German Young Film Award, First Steps, Berlin
Film Festival Intl. du Cinéma, Geneva: Award „Cinéma Tout Ecran“ best movie, Perspectives,
Midas Prize 2005 by EuroPaws for best fiction drama based on science and technology
Premier Plans Festival D’Anger, France: Prix Special du Jury,
Max Ophüls Best Feature Film Award,

Max Ophüls Prize, SR / ZDF Screenplay Award
Filmfestival Schwerin, main prize, „The Flying Ox“
Festival du Cinéma Politic, Barcelona, ​​Spain, „Best Feature Film“,

E.ON Culture Award, Bavaria

Young talent award from the DEFA Foundation 2006

„The Robber“, feature film:
Bavarian Film Award: Best Young Director
Festival Paris Cinema: Special Prize of the Bloggers
Palic Intl. Film Festival: Award for Best Director
Calgery Intl. Film Festival: Grand Prize, Maverick 2010
La Roche Sur Yon, Intl.Film Festival: Audience Award and Special Mention of the Jury
Zagreb Intl. Film Festival: Main Award Best Feature Film
Gijon Intl. Film Festival: Best Screenplay Award

Culture Prize of the City of Würzburg, 2010

Austrian Film Award in the categories:
Best Director, Best Actor, Best Sound Design
Dublin Intl. Film Festival: Main Award: Best Film

2012 winner of the Kunst am Bau competition for the Nazi Documentation Center,
Munich, together with brother Emanuel Heisenberg and Elisabeth Sophie Eulenburg

2023 Shortfilm Award at Bildrausch Filmfestival Basel, Switzerland for ER SO SIE SO


1995 „Munich is by the sea“, Munich
1996 „Paternoster“ in the first Munich skyscraper
1999 Group exhibition Galerie Kampl, Kunstforum München, Night of Museums and Galleries
2000 Exhibition of the Debutants, Munich Art Academy (Drawings 1993-99)
„Multiple Choice“ group exhibition at the BBK, Gallery of Artists, Munich
2001 Exhibition Prize for Fine Arts of the City of Munich
2002 „Intermedium 2“ Center for Art and Media (ZKM) Karlsruhe
„Stories, narrative forms in modern art“, Haus der Kunst, Munich
2004 „Red cell“, red cell, Munich
Film evening in the Musterraum, Munich: „All Films“
2005 „New home“ Rathausgalerie, Munich
„Favoriten“, Municipal Gallery in Lenbachhaus, Kunstbau, Munich
„Say No Productions 2“, Galerie Klüser 2, Munich
„Playtime! Play, Gaming and Sports“, ICA, London
2006 „Visibilities“, Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg
2007 „Pictograms – The Loneliness of Characters“, Stiftung Kunstmuseum Stuttgart
„Artmix“, cooperation between Bayerischer Rundfunk and Haus der Kunst, Munich
2011 Gallery Patrick Ebensperger, Berlin
„ER“ Gallery Kunstbuero, Vienna (together with Clemens Krauss)
2013 „ER“ Videonale 2014, Bonn,
„Taste it“ gallery, Oechsner, Nuremberg, together with Olaf Unverzart
2015 „Brienner 45“, permanent art-on-building installation at the Munich NS-Dokuzentrum, together with Emanuel Heisenberg and Elisophie Eulenburg
„Money Changes Everything“, solo exhibition Galerie Ebensperger, Berlin Part I
2016 „Ausradiert“, solo exhibition Galerie Ebensperger, Berlin Part II
„Maximal Personal“, solo exhibition, Galerie Ebensperger, Graz
2017 „Stabile Seitenlage“, solo exhibition, Galerie Ebensperger, Berlin
„Center of the World“, group exhibition, Galerie Ebensperger, Salzburg
„Personality“ Ebensperger at Art Fair Berlin
2018 „Sunny Side Up“ solo exhibition, Galerie Ebensperger, Salzburg
„Schilling, Mark, Dollar, Euro und… Geld in der Kunst“, Traklhaus, Salzburg
Art Berlin, „Twelve Angry Men“ (Die zwölf Geschworenen)
„Video Art at Midnight“, Festival, Berlin
2019 „Something Common“, Gruppenausstellung Galerie Ebensperger-Rhomberg, Salzburg.
VAEFF 2019, „S8 On Faith“ at Tribeca Film Center
Vienna Art Week, „Twelve Angry Men“ (Die zwölf Geschworenen), Neulich in Hernals, Wien
2020 Transmediale / „Silent Works“
2021 Americana, Berlin
Americana, but not us, Graz
2023 „Lukusch“, Blaue Gans, Salzburg