Ausstellung von Benjamin Heisenberg in der Galerie Ebensperger, Berlin, vom 18.3. bis 18.4.2021

Materials concerning or characteristic of America, its civilazation, or its culture.
Broadly: things typical of America.

Specificly: An exhibition by Benjamin Heisenberg using pictures, moving images and sounds to portray a Western state of mind between paranoia, fetishisation and progressivism, between urban videocracy, make-belief and rural idyll.

The exhibition includes five large encaustic paintings on paper, a collaborative video piece with Alexander Kluge, and four animated short films based on Alfred Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder”, “ Vertigo”, “North by Nortwest”, “The Birds”.

Available from 20 March:
To visit “Americana” remotely we offer guided tours on the phone with Benjamin Heisenberg or Sebastian Hoffmann. While looking at installation views, details and the video pieces on your screen you will be walked through the show. Please schedule a live call by writing an e-mail to or dialing +49 30 46065821.

Video: Dial M for Me (2018)
Americana Video Dialog mit Alexander Kluge (2021)
Americana Video Dialog mit Alexander Kluge (2021)
Video: Der Unsichtbare Dritte – Triptychon WACH
Tryptichon WACH (2018-2020)
Video: Dial M for Me
Trailer der Videos: Dial M for Me, Das Unsichtbare Dritte, Birds Clone Stamp und Tracing 0
„Sitting Duck“, 2020, encaustic auf digital collage auf Papier, 180 × 128 cm

Danger Hot Coal (2018)
Danger Hot Coal (2018)